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The 75th API China Forum


API CHINA CONGRESS is an interpreter to the theme of API China, a professional forum closely focused on the latest industry trend, which not only attracts many industry insiders and high-end buyers, but also aspires to deliver new concepts, new ideas and new impetus for the development of China's pharmaceutical industry. 15 forums and 68 onsite reports were held at the 75th API China, with nearly 2,000 participants.




The 25th China API market information press conference

The API market information press conference has been sought after by the pharmaceutical industry elites. With detailed figures, accurate analysis and the initial publications of authoritative people, it has become the most convenient channel for obtaining the latest information on the pharmaceutical market at APIChina. Brand and Classics are the constant tone of the press conference




2015 China pharmaceutical formulation industry forum and the 13th APICHINA pharmaceutical excipients forum

The 2015 "China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Annual Summit” based on the theme of “quality • integrity • brand”, will organize relevant new policy analysis, pharmaceutical market analysis, typical enterprises’ experience exchanges and the announcement of the credit evaluation results of pharmaceutical companies, on the basis of the actual situations and tasks, aiming to promote the brand building in the industry, strengthen the awareness of product quality and social responsibility, and promote the steady and healthy development of enterprises.




PHARMPACK Industry Summit - Challenges and Opportunities under the background of the record-keeping system

On November 11, 2015, the “PHARMPACK Industry Summit - Challenges and Opportunities under the background of the record-keeping system” organized by Reed Sinopharm as well as China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association was held. President Wang Guoqin of China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association participated in the summit.

Sun Huimin from the Packaging Materials Institute of the NICPBP introduced the 2015 edition of YBB drug packaging standard, and explained how to properly deal with the implementation of the new standards, to improve the quality of drug packaging products. Participants discussed about the challenges and opportunities in the context of the reform of the registration system, and exchanged ideas on the technological development trends in the domestic and foreign drug packaging industry.




4th China Green Pharma Forum 2015

To publicize the new “Environmental Protection Law" and the new "Air Pollution Prevention Law”, explore the outstanding environmentally friendly pharmaceutical technologies, exchange experience in environmental governance in the pharmaceutical industry and promote sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry, the 4th China Green Pharma Forum 2015 organized by the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co. Ltd., and China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, co-organized by the Specialized Committee of Environmental Protection and the Specialized Committee of Antibiotics under the Association, the "4th China Green Pharma Forum 2015" was held on November 10, 2015 during the period of APIChina. More than 120 representatives including leaders and experts from the pharmaceutical and environmental protection departments, scientific research institutes, design research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, environmental protection companies attended the meeting. The Forum was chaired by Senior Vice President of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Zhang Mingyu, and head of the Specialized Committee of Antibiotics under the Association/Deputy General Manager of North China Pharmaceutical Group, Zhang Yuxiang chaired the meeting.




SINOPHEX Dandelion Pharmaceutical Technology Forum - API and preparation technology training

SINOPHEX Dandelion Pharmaceutical Technology Forum - API and preparation technology training

In recent years, SFDA has increased GMP inspections on pharmaceutical companies. Companies in more than 20 provinces including Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Liaoning, Henan, and Shaanxi have been disqualified to have the GMP certificate, which exerted a tremendous impact. Reed Sinopharm joining hands with Dandelion Forum to invite quality compliance experts from the European Union and the United States, professors at the Training Center of CFDA, senior GMP trainers, members of the ISPE training committee and other organizations, to carry out detailed analysis on the technological layout of pharmaceutical engineering, production management, equipment management and quality system construction projects, to help pharmaceutical companies to better understand and implement the new version of GMP, ensure drug quality, effectively solve the practical problems of pharmaceutical companies in the production process and share ideas with peers to improve specific skills.

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